Helpie FAQ


  • Why Should I Do This?

    The last VHS Mechanism was manufactured in 2016 and its showing no signs of making a revival with the age of equipment and how complex VHS systems and even the tapes themselves are it’s only a matter of time before the VCR breaks and your ability to see those memories is lost forever

    Transferring to new digital formats will bring those memories back to life and allow them to live on and be compatible with new equipment

  • How long does the transfer take?

    This is dependent on how many originals you have and how long they are. For the the digitizing process all tape based originals must run in real time (A 2 hour tape takes 2 hours) so an order of 20-30 tapes may take several days.

  • When Do I Pay

    We process an invoice after we pickup your materials it comes via email and can be paid via credit/debit card we process the invoice later in the process so we can get a look at your materials to provide the most accurate pricing

  • I only want DVD why should I get a Flash Drive?

    If VHS is dead, DVD is on life support

    DVD is great for the moment but it’s already showing signs of being phased out with many computer manufacturers totally discontinuing optical drives it certainly feels like digital files are the future and while DVDs are digital getting the files off of them can be complicated

  • This tape is only __ min long how much does it cost?

    because some of these items haven’t been seen in 25 years to make the process easier for everyone we charge by the item transferred regardless of length.

  • What will my final files look like?

    • Remember the originals are VHS and it will look like VHS so don’t expect Ultra HD

    • Your final files will be Standard Definition 4:3 Unless you choose HD upscaling then they come as 4:3 “pill boxed” HD frames

    • Any imperfections present in the originals will be present in your final files

  • How can I watch my final files

    DVDs are compatible with any set top player that can play DVD-Rs (Most can)

    Digital Files are delivered in .h264 .mp4 files and are fully compatible with Windows & Macintosh Systems as well as most smartphones, tablets and some set top streaming players