For over 25 years VHS was the gold standard in home entertainment.  It changed the way we watch movies, for the first time you could bring your favorite movie into your home. It changed the way we watch TV for the first time you didn’t have to rush home to watch your favorite show you could record it and watch it later on your own schedule, It changed the way we capture our family memories for the first time with a relatively inexpensive camcorder you could capture all your family memories and events and bring them back to life by popping in a tape As technology marched on Home Videos were replaced by DVD later blue ray and streaming, TV recording has been replaced with DVR and you can record all your family memories on your phone. 

But what of those family memories in your box of VHS ( As of 2016 The manufacture of the mechanism for VHS players were discontinued worldwide and unlike vinyl and to lesser extent audio cassettes its very unlikely that they will make a comeback. You can re buy movies on disc or streaming but your taped memories are irreplaceable. To have any chance of seeing them again (if you don’t have one) to get a VHS player you are almost 100% relegated to the 2nd hand market but VCRs becoming rarer, harder to hook up to newer TVs and are inconvenient. 

Or you can bring your memories into the 21st century through digitizing  

We can take your memories and run them on our professional equipment to get the best possible transfer quality and put them on DVD or USB Flash Drive from there you can watch on any device including phones, computers and smart TVs 

We offer porch pickup and drop off in Lower Bucks Country PA